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41. What if I do not have access to any of the devices and/or facilities to write the NBT Online? Will the written test still be available for me to access?

Writers who are unable to write online, should consider the pencil and paper tests, or remote sessions if appropriate. 

42. Can I use my mobile/cell phone to take the NBT test/assessment?

No, unfortunately, the NBT online assessment platform only supports Laptops and Computers. The device specification requirements are listed below. More details on the online rules may be accessed from this link





43. What happens if I lose internet connectivity during the test?

Should you lose internet connectivity during the test (5 minutes per hour) your responses will be saved to the system and once you reconnect you will be taken back to the last question answered.

This functionality is part of the “Lockdown Browser” that all writers are required to download prior to the test. You should not exit the Lockdown Browser or your session will be lost.

Once your internet connectivity is re-established the Lockdown Browser will automatically reconnect.

The time allocated within which to complete the assessment will also not be affected and if before the disconnection there were 2 hours left then those 2 hours will be honoured by the platform.

The NBT takes no responsibility for test sessions that are not completed and/or invalidated due the writers computer or peripheral equipment (camera's, microphones, routers, screens, RAM etc.) failure or software issues or settings, or loss of connectivity, loadshedding or any other occurrence not linked to the test platform. Where this occurs the writer will need to re-register to write the NBT.

44. I don't have a microphone available. What do I need to do?

A microphone is not required as the test platform has a built in communication or “chat” function. This chat function will allow you to send real-time queries to a consultant who will assist.

45. If I am writing the online test, how long would I have to wait for my results?

Results will be sent to institutions three weeks after each writing session as shown on the NBT Test Schedule.

Results are uploaded to writers' NBT account approximately four weeks after the writing session, by 12 noon on the date listed on the NBT Test Schedule. This helps ensure that learners wishing to write a second time have a minimum of six weeks between writing sessions.

46. How do I get my NBT results?

You must access your results by logging onto the NBT website using your ID number as your username and the password you created when you registered, or by sending a request to four weeks after the test session.

Your results are made available by 12 noon on the date listed on the NBT Test Schedule. If there is an outstanding balance on your account - i.e. - if you missed an earlier test and did not pay for it - your results will not be accessible to you. If you have difficulties accessing your results, you must send an e-mail to request your results. NBT Project staff are not allowed to release your results over the phone.

47. Re-marking of Tests?

You may request for your test/s to be re-marked within 30 days of having received your test results.

Re-mark payment process: R250 application fee is payable.

Payment is made through EasyPay, use NBT reference number.

Re-mark process: Test will be re-marked electronically. It takes four weeks to process.

Request will only be processed on receipt of signed application form and proof of payment.

Download re-mark form here.

48. How long are my NBT results valid for?

Your results are valid for three years from the year you wrote.

For example, if you write NBT in May 2022, you results would be valid for applications made to institutions for the   2025 intake. Please note that certain institutions may have their own requirements and these should be established by contacting them directly.